The vicious relationship between Freemasonry, Cybertorture and Human trafficking

It is with disgust that I’m disclosing you the nauseous relation between freemasonry, cybertorture, gangstalking and Human Trafficking.

Check this testimony from a police officer from Texas, who was previously member of the freemasonry and escapedy from it timely. :

Thus the police which is meant to serve and protect the people can be perpetrator of mischief. Even though it would represent 5% of the staff, it is enough to control it completely as they can be on top of the pyramid. As I wrote in my article about cybertorture, some people are targeted individuals and can be in deep trouble.

Worst of all is the relation between government, police and human trafficking.

They are trying their best to cover up the pizzagate scandal which involved a pedophile network that broke in 2016 thanks to the NYPD and was relayed by the lawyer of former national security advisor Michael Flynn on twitter. Investigating with the mails of Anthony Weiner, then member of the democrat party who pleaded guilty for a sexting case in 2017 where he sent obscene content to a minor girl. Between october and november of the same year Wikileaks published mails from John Podesta, Obama’s former advisor wherein there was words that were not in the right context such as « pizza « , « hotdogs”, “pasta”, “tempting”, “cheeses”, “yummy” ou “sauces”. and many comentators concluded that it was codes intended for concealing pedophile crimes as « cheese pizza » is slang for child pornography.

Scandals went by with the nxivm and Ghislaine Maxwell. cases.

Last years were horrifying for the US and for Europe as well and recently the involvement of feemasonry was disclosed by Alexis Crawford ,American whistleblower.

Even though freemasonry is not the sole responsible of human trafficking, it must be banned immediately!

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  1. Bonsoir OZ le Carolo j’aimerai savoir pourquoi ne laissez vous pas la traduction en Français sur vos vidéos , je vous remercie d’ailleurs parce que j’ai enfin pu comprendre le fonctionnement  » du système  » mis en place Pierre


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