Cybertorture, the « invisible conspiracy »

Quite unexpectedly, the face of the world changed sharply since March 2020, the most careful and conscious ones could see the disintegration of democracy in record time.

Many infringements to the constitution went unnoticed but to a certain fringe of the population of Western « democracies », in the SCO (Shangai Cooperation Organisation) states, and likely worldwide, these violations to the constitution and the rule of law date to many decades. Indeed, we will disclose here an illegal citizen repression program that was kept secret for too long, we will call it « cybertorture »

Until recently, it was known only under the name of « gangstalking » in the english speaking world, it is currently getting known in European countries, on february 12th 2020, a breakthrough occured thanks to professor Nils Melzer, a special reporter for the UN (United Nations) on torture, he defined cybertorture this way :

« We overlooked the use of cybertechnologies for the purpose of torturing, we will name it cybertorture, it is used to suppress freedom of speech on the internet. It can be used by states, corporations or organized crime mobs. Amongst the means to achieve this we can mention intimidation, harassment or slander. It has been reported that many intelligence agencies can exert it to watch individuals in their homeland or abraod and can resort to implants, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, neurotechnology, pharmaceutics and biomedical sciences »

Thus the tip of the iceberg was undercovered, anyway the immersed part is way more appalling, this was the introduction to the suffering of « Targeted Individuals or T.I. » as it is written in the legal jargon of the U.S.

More than just cyberbullying on the internet and social network, we are facing a wide range of technologies concealed to the mainstream.

Let’s begin with the directed energy weapons or DEW, it is the basis of cybertorture as it uses electromagnetic waves and harmful frequencies. Their existence is well documented and condemned by EU and UN.

Recently professor of aerospace engineering sciences Lain Boyd talked about them for their use to «control crowds», see the ADS (Active Denial System) technology. He told us that it can cause what we call the « Havana Syndrome », by referring to symptoms such as insomnia headaches, tinnitus or discomfort as they were described by American and Canadian diplomats at La Havane, Cuba.

Below, you have a more comprehensive list of symptoms

For protection, you can check this page, many solutions are available.

Amongst other technologies, we can mention the Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) whose patent number is 3,951,134. Stalkers can access brain waves to decypher visual and auditory information with this, in other words they can « read your thoughts » (!). It falls within the framework of « mind control » as incredible as it sounds. It was confirmed by Dr. Nick Begich, forerunner in this area in his book « controlling the human mind ». It is the logical continuation of the declassified MK Ultra program, despite apologies from the then U.S. governement officials, it is still running under the name Project Monarch.

One of the most dreadful technology is the voice to skull (V2K), it uses the frey effect to induce auditory hallucinations, its patent number is 4,877,027.

But it’s nothing compared to the use of micro-waves to cause first degree burns, it must be sentenced to the death penalty.

What might sound surrealistic is the use of cell towers, smartphones, Wi-Fi Routers, satellites, and even drones to localize, watch and harrass with EMF (electromagnetic waves). Hence the hype around the 5G network in conjunction with the graphene in vaccines.

let’s adress the most horrific part of the matter : the gangstalking, it can be defined as a demoralization campaign of the victim with the use of perps to degrade your goods, it can go as far as robbery, street assault, trafic accident, they can resort to intimidation and threats. One of their technique is street theater whereby they shout things about your personal life by accessing your personal data, it can lead to paranoia for the victim. Police can be part of the problem as it was documented by F.B.I. Special agents Ted Gunderson and Geral Sosbee, the Belgian university professor Nicolas Desurmont disclosed it as well. It falls within the continuity of the « cointelpro » program which was then used by the American intelligence agencies to suppress dissenting social movements, namely the Black Panther movement as well as the Martin Luther King and Malcolm X movement. For many it originates from the Gladio program of NATO which was also a program aimed at suppressing communist dissent, but the techniques are the same as the soviet union. It turned into an ultra-repressive system against any citizen who expresses himself against the establishment. The government is even able to ostracize socially an individual excluding him from the employment market, in extreme cases, the victim can become homeless.

More than state repression on victims, targeted individuals can be victim of experiments for the development of artificial intelligences in many areas starting with robotic. This can sound like science-fiction but along with the MK Ultra program, NATO governments have a record of illegal experiments on their citizens i.e Tuskegee experiment and the experiments in Guatemala.

In front of this shame, Chile became the forerunner in the area of « Neuro-rights » in order to protect mental intimacy, personal identity and free will.

The most serious part is the potential psychiatrisation of victims who broke under the effect of psychotronic weapons and threats, they can get paranoia and become forcibly institutionalized with a fake « shizophrenia » diagnostic which can harm the victim all his life. Intelligence agencies, police and hospitals are perfectly synchronized when it comes to persecute a targeted individual who escapes from the matrix.

Let’s finish this article aimed at disclosing this horror with a documentary of the utmost importance : Bigger than Snowden

On a positive note, the required staff for the enforcement of these schemes may not be sufficient to control the whole population espacially in this time of collective awakening, everybody is not to worry, let’s stay careful nonetheless.

Please spread the word to protect potential victims.

Özler ATALAY YÜKSELOĞLU – Independant Journalist

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    1. Try with a vpn, if it still don’t work, here it is For the psychotronic the QuWave Defender device is incontournable, it enables a better sleep, can suppress auditive hallucinations, refund is possible if inefficient.

      For the micro-waves eLink pendants and stones are efficient, but must be took away if adverse effects occur. You can build a faraday cage with silver fabric available on amazon and aliexpress. Copper bracelets might be uselful as well.

      For the ultrasounds, sleeping with isolating in-ear earbuds is also very efficient.

      It is important to use a wired internet connection and if it is not possible at least switch off the 5Ghz network in the router settings (often in your browser). You must also downgrade your mobile network to 3G, you can do it the settings.


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