The role of electromagnetic waves in the new fifth generation cognitive and asymmetrical warfare

In the course of the previous year, we had been introduced to « cognitive warfare » which is NATO’s latest method of winning its fifth generation external or internal conflicts which have the novelty of being fought mainly through non-kinetic military actions, such as social engineering, disinformation, cyberattacks, as well as emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and fully autonomous systems . We also define it as asymmetrical because it implies a disproportionality between the belligerents who are heavily equipped states on the one hand and defenseless populations on the other.

As explained in this article , the goal pursued is to transform any citizen into a weapon and to “ hack the individual” through a war against his cognition by influencing the process by which he arrives at ideas, intuitions, beliefs, choices and behaviors. It is therefore not a simple information war where one attacks what the target individual thinks but how he thinks and a wide range of sciences such as psychology, linguistics, neurobiology, logic, sociology , anthropology, behavioral sciences, “and more” are exploited. Dissatisfied with the results of the various conflicts throughout history, the theoreticians of this new form of war aim at the “ideological conversion” of the defeated peoples to ensure lasting success.

If it was announced quite early, few details have reached us on the processes and techniques used to implement this rather worrying form of combat except for the use of neurosciences and neurotechnologies (NeuroS/T ) and of brain-machine interfaces . Vital information comes to us from whistleblowers who have worked in this area and are currently opposed to their implementation, such as Nick BEGICH, an American scientist who has worked in studies on mind control and Robert DUNCAN, an American scientist who has worked for the CIA in the same field as well as victims of experiments around the world for the development of these technologies who define themselves as targeted individuals . _ They claim that they use electromagnetic waves and are able to monitor targets’ brain waves, read their minds (sic) and even influence their behavior . This is the result of years of research on psychotronics , a term not included in dictionaries. 

A hidden technology

In this video, Doctor Nick BEGICH and the microwave specialist who worked with MI5 (British intelligence) Barrie TROWER unveil these neurotechnologies by claiming that it is possible to read the minds of targets, send them subliminal messages and to inflict on them psychiatric pathologies (hearing of voices, psychoses, etc.)

.The American scientist Richard LIGHTHOUSE who worked with NASA says that neuro-weapons can be both static in satellites and cell towers or portable incorporated without our knowledge in smartphones and computers, so it is also possible to irradiate with high-frequency (2.6 GHz and soon more with 5G ) directed energy (micro-wave beam) targeted individuals. Mobsters can also have it. Richard LIGHTHOUSE argues that the population’s high propensity to voluntarily get vaccinated and their indifference to waves of reinformation have been influenced by the mind control grid.

A series of patents available on the Internet attest to these technologies, although many of them have been censored for reasons of defense secrecy. We can cite that of remote neural monitoring (RNM) No. US3951134A , this process makes it possible to monitor and alter brain waves remotely without using electrodes. The patent US6011991A attests to the use of satellites to read the minds of targets. The victims of experiments with these neurotechnologies complain of cognitive problems such as loss of memory, concentration but above strange dreams or nightmares, of implanted voices, insomnia, chronic exhaustion, heart dysfunction, burning and severe pain usually diagnosed as fibromyalgia when in reality they are suffering from electromagnetic harassment or cybertorture . This last method of untraceable and undetectable violence was for the first time partly mentioned by the United Nations in 2020-21 by the special rapporteur on torture Nils MELZER.

« Cybermurder », a new asset against the opposition

This can be used by the holders of this technology to inflict a slow kill or a “ cybermurder ” that can be disguised in stroke, heart attack or cancer , Barrie TROWER had confirmed this potential use. Several victims of this new form of torture and elimination denounce it, starting with the Franch activist Frederic LAROCHE , on whom SATAN technology was applied in 2022 (Silent Assassination Through Amplified Neurons) for having denounced the role of nanoparticles present in vaccines to implement a transhumanist agenda of mind and electromagnetic control. He survived these attacks but decided to cease his activities as a whistleblower following these threats. Others were not able to benefit from this chance, the Austrian doctors Andreas NOACK and Italian Domenico BISCARDI are very likely to have died following an electromagnetic attack aimed at stopping their disclosures about the pandemic and experimental vaccines (respectively discovery of graphene and nanoparticles).

Another less hidden use is that of ADS (Active Denial Systems) which are mobile devices equipped with microwave guns to disperse crowds. They were used on protesters in Australia last year.

Transhumanist Agenda

Klaus Schwab and the WEF are openly and manifestly transhumanists. Many WEF staff have been interviewed and given talks where they openly discussed human implantation and augmentation, how it will affect human nature and fit into an entirely new economy that Klaus Schwab calls the fourth industrial revolution. Thus he claims that the great reset  » will lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity « , The intensity of electromagnetic attacks is proportional to the amount of heavy metals present in the body, so for decades we have been subjected to injections of aluminum and mercury through vaccination and more recently the highly susceptible to EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) component graphene has been introduced. The combination of these EMFs and heavy metals increases vulnerability to future war and preparations are clearly not new. Thus, not all targeted individuals will suffer from the same attacks at the same intensity, but the threat will now loom on any form of dissent. It is therefore vital to alert the public opinion and to demand the cessation of these technologies by the military-industrial complexes of the whole world even if it is foreseen that they will deny their existence.

To learn more: ICENI Bulletins

Özler ATALAY YÜKSELOĞLU – Citizen journalist

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