On the danger of the weaponizing of electromagnetic waves

For a few years, the health risks of electromagnetic waves fueled fears and debates. This was particularly the case with the controversy over smart meters and more recently with the 5G network.
A large number of activists have therefore alerted us to the dangers of « passive » exposure to these waves which form « electrosmog » (electromagnetic fog).

Nevertheless, a certain part of the population is the victim of an « active » exposure, to understand that it has been the victim of deliberate electromagnetic attacks for decades that we label electromagnetic harassment.
They are grouped together under the name of targeted individuals. The government is directly incriminated by officials who have become whistleblowers.

This is the case for Barrie Trower, a former microwave specialist who worked for MI-5 (British military intelligence). In the video below, he explains that it is possible to target individuals to induce psychiatric symptoms and pathologies:

We also see American scientist and researcher Nick Begich explain mind control technologies. Indeed, he cites the American Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for having developed what they have called « electronic telepathy » or « synthetic telepathy » which is able to read the minds of target and interfere with its behavior. He dedicated a book called « mental control techniques » to it and is today one of its strongest opponents.

Communication infrastructures (satellites, relay antennas and wi-fi boxes) form the basis of electromagnetic harassment and smartphones complete the picture. Indeed, the American scientist Richard Lighthouse, who worked with NASA, gives us a diagram of this state crime.

We see that civilians are tracked by GPS satellites which, in combination with supercomputers and cell towers, deliver high frequency (2.3 to 3.7 GHz) “microwave bullets” to us. It is feasible because they are equipped with directed energy weapons, this type of technology has been used to assault US and Canadian diplomats in Havana, Cuba. They can also emit subliminal signals and voices emitted by V2K (Voice to Skull) technology, patent number: US4,877,027A. The second technology for exercising mind control is called RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring), patent number US3,951,134A.
Portable directed energy weapons are also carried from mafias in collusion with the government, they are even more effective and dangerous.

In this video, Richard Lighthouse provides very specific information on how EM harassment works:

A wide range of pathologies such as neurological problems (memory loss, migraines, fatigue, insomnia, pain confused with fibromyalgia, spasms, infrasound hearing, tinnitus, insomnia, electroshocks, vision disorders, etc.), cardiac, different organs and burns may occur. It is also possible to commit a cybermurder disguised as heart attack, cancer or stroke.

As for psychiatric (psychotronic) pathologies, it can produce hallucinations, anxiety, paranoia, nightmares, psychoses and implanted voices.

The number of victims increased day by day, according to a survey on my Telegram channel, a significant part began to be targeted after the onset of the covid crisis. The motives for this targeting are varied and can range from the repression of whistleblowers and awakened people to « prevention », sadism, revenge and experimentation because work on mind control is used to set up artificial intelligences, this had been documented by the American practitioner John Hall.

The victims find themselves isolated and powerless in the face of this war machine, their complaints are dismissed and can lead to psychiatric internment.

We expect that this article rose awereness of a maximum of people on this phenomenon hit by omerta because indeed, these technologies are classified top secret. We estimate that 0.1% of the population of NATO states are victims of this to varying degrees, but this represents almost 10% of awakened people who are militant or not.

To conclude the article, it is of the utmost importance to inform people about this crime and demand its termination.

Özler ATALAY YÜKSELOĞLU – Citizen journalist victim of electronic harrassment

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