Are the communication infrastructures weaponized?

At the same time as the start of the covid crisis, the controversy began over the 5G network, which is operational today.

Beyond showing the certain health problems that it can cause, this article aims to disclose its military and repressive side which was already in place with the previous networks.

Indeed, since the establishment of communication infrastructures (satellites and cell towers), they have been used illegally for repressive purposes against refractory and sometimes totally innocent citizens. They group together under the name of targeted individuals .

They have been victims of electromagnetic harassment by the state for at least the 1990s and this breaking of the law goes unpunished because these weapon techniques are classified as top secret.

While British arms expert Mark Steele recently made public the hijacking of 5G LED streetlights to turn them into radars capable of targeting individuals with radiation, this is only a tiny part of the danger of the 5G network because the cell towers are also fitted to directed energy weapons .

A lot of scientists are aware of this infamous program and do not dare to denounce it, but we owe its disclosure in the first place to Barrie Trower , an eminent British specialist in microwaves who worked with MI-5 (British intelligence).

In this video from the late 2010s, he claimed that we were in a new « cold war ».

Then comes Richard Lighthouse , a proeminent American scientist who has worked with NASA and himself targeted, who has dedicated more developed work to it. Below, you have his diagram explaining the functioning of electromagnetic harassment.

Description of electromagnetic harrassment

We see that satellites and relay antennas can literally send  » microwave bullets  » which can cause a wide range of health problems such as neurological problems (loss of memory, fatigue, insomnia, pain like fibromyalgia, spasms, understanding of infrasounds, burns, tinnitus, insomnia, visual disturbances…) and cardiac issues. WiFi can also be used for these purposes, hence the interest in going wired.

It can also cause psychiatric problems like hallucinations, anxiety, nightmares, psychoses and implanted voices (in English V2K , Voice to Skull , patent number: US4877027A ).

This tyranny dates back several decades for the targeted individuals and their number is increasing day by day.

For psychiatric problems the QuWave defender device can potentially reduce symptoms, refundable if not satisfied.

In the hope that this article has raised awareness of the excesses of technology, in the era of 5G, it will be imperative to demand the end of this torturous and inhuman program.

Özler ATALAY YÜKSELOĞLU – Citizen Journalist, electromagnetic harrassment victim

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