Is Jean Claude Van Damme a superhuman with Asperger’s Syndrome and High Potential?

A legendary Belgian actor, director and choreographer, he is also a multidisciplinary genius sometimes misunderstood, at least by those unable to grasp his offbeat thinking and sense of humour.

His 30 years in the world of cinema and his countless interviews have marked several generations including mine and have inspired more than one to discover the martial arts and become actors or actresses.

What is saddening is his ridicule by several tabloid media and personalities from the political world, once again a certain segment of the population as his fans are not fooled about these attempts to damage his reputation.

The theme of this article will focus on his general specificity which I consider to be superhuman through my opinion on his potential Asperger’s “syndrome” and the fact that he is gifted (HP – High Potential).

Let’s start with Asperger’s syndrome, a superhuman characteristic par excellence. Considered a mild form of autism by the cold environment of psychiatry, people like me who have it, not to say anymore suffer from it, have an indomitable strength on all fronts, an extraordinary ability to concentrate, a different eye contact as well an original thought that cannot be categorized (thinking out the box in English 😉).

As for high potential, it is characterized by multiple intelligences sometimes not detectable by an IQ test as well as a tree-like thinking that quickly jumps from rooster to donkey, which destabilizes those accustomed to thinking in a sequential manner.

Best JCVD Moments

Thanks to these two specificities due to a more evolved neurology, it is possible to have a finer psychomotricity essential for its epic stunts.

JCVD’s legendary big gap between two trucks

Accomplished philosopher, this vocation is unfortunately mocked by the establishment which at one time adored them and put them on a pedestal.

All this brilliance can only lead to accepting the incredible character of the superhumans of which he is a part for better mutual understanding and better respect.

His lightning mood swings wrongly qualified as bi-polar disorder also deserve compassion and understanding.

In an interview with the French magazine Brut, he admits to us that he was sensitive and took refuge in a universe of comics and animated designs because he was not very friendly at that time, which specifies the possibility of Asperger’s syndrome .

Let’s end this article with his best fight scenes:

Özler ATALAY YÜKSELOĞLU – Independent journalist

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