What is Generation Z?

Addressed in several magazines, TV programs, Blogs and others, it is defined as the generation born after 1995 when digital communications and new technologies were already well established in society. The youth resulting from it are described as energetic and not very docile utopians, they would have an uninhibited relationship to error. One of his biggest challenges will be socialization outside of social networks, which is his privileged terrain. It should not be confused with generation z, Eric Zemmour’s partisan youth movement,

It succeeds generation Y, also called that of “  millenials ”, located in the 80s – early 90s. It is defined as being the one who experienced the arrival of major technologies: IT, music, audiovisual…

Among other features:

  • They did not have to endure the threat of Cold War apocalypse, experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall and the beginning of globalization.
  • They were young enough during the mass introduction of consumer computing to have acquired an intuitive mastery of it that usually surpasses that of their parents (hence the nickname “  digital natives  ”). However, they have experienced computing without internet for some.
  • They were born with the beginnings of general public interest in environmentalism (which had previously been the concern of a minority).
  • Video games are popular entertainment for them, unlike Generation X for whom they were still sometimes perceived as marginal.

This one succeeds itself to the generation X located at the beginning of the 60s – the beginning of the 80s. It is defined as that which becomes aware of a social and moral decline, the globalization of the economy and a rise in precariousness. .

But back to our generation Z, resolutely atypical, and it is the case to say it because these last 20 years, an increase in the births of children with an ASD (autism spectrum disorder) or ADHD (attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity) is observed.

In my previous article presenting Asperger’s syndrome from a new angle, I addressed the challenges of this atypical youth who can potentially suffer in abundance or flourish in a multitude of areas.

The main priorities in their education should be based on:

  • Unconditional love.
  • Better moral benchmarks,
  • Discipline for their excesses,
  • A decrease in dependence on social networks,
  • A healthy diet by eliminating pesticides, added sugars, gluten if possible and by reducing dairy products.
  • A strong activism against all environmental poisons, ranging from pesticides to heavy metals, especially present in vaccines but also chemtrails and endocrine disruptors.

Then, bring back a dignified agreement between the 3 generations XYZ: Generation X will have to apologize for their shortcomings, generation Y will have to take care of generation Z with humility and respect and improve their ethics as quickly as possible and generation Z will have to overcome his grudge against the previous generations, all must as far as possible forgive each other, at least try and accomplish his mission in close collaboration with all the generations.

Thanking you for taking the time to read this text dedicated to dear future generations.


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