How to protect yourself from EMF

Electromagnetic waves ( EMF) and special frequencies are at the heart of the invisible repression system.

The dreadful effect of these techniques can go as far as skin burns, visual and auditive hallucinations, awful nightmares, deep fatigue or hyperactivity on the contrary, distract or obsessiveness on the contrary, tinnitus, insomnia, bleeding, spasms, memory losses and many more.

It brings often hopelessness, resiting people to these ill treatments or surhumans !

Thankfully, it is possible to protect yourself from it or at least alleviate the harms.

For the psychotronic the QuWave Defender device is incontournable, it enables a better sleep, can suppress auditive hallucinations, refund is possible if inefficient.

For the micro-waves eLink pendants and stones are efficient, but must be took away if adverse effects occur. You can build a faraday cage with silver fabric available on amazon and aliexpress. Copper bracelets might be uselful as well.

The Swiss firm YShield offers tents, paints and protective window films. A makeshift solution is to cover your windows with aluminum.

For the ultrasounds, sleeping with isolating in-ear earbuds is also very efficient. An old model FM radio can reduce the influence of the waves.

If sleep apnea appears, sleep with the window open. Sleeping with a grounding (earthing) bracelet can lead to better sleep.

It is important to detoxify the body of heavy metals with zeolite and then spirulina. A good supplementation of vitamins mainly from group B, C and D as well as zinc can help give the energy to support the waves.

It is important to use a wired internet connection and if it is not possible at least switch off the 5Ghz network. You must also downgrade your mobile network to 3G, you can do it the settings.

Having a shower regularly and walking barefoot on soil eliminates the radiation as well.
Finally, monotheistic morality and its practices (prayers, fasting, abstinence, ablutions, etc.) are effective methods for repelling harmful attacks.

In the hope that it helps you.

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